• Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

    The Comhairle is undertaking a formal review of polling places and polling districts. Image,

  • Draft Corporate Strategy 2024-27

    The Corporate Strategy sets the strategic direction of the Comhairle in each council term and is reviewed periodically. Image,

  • Draft Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy

    The Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (Scotland) Order 2022 places a duty on local authorities to prepare, publish and update a Local Heat and Energy Efficiency strategy by the 31st December 2023, to keep this under review and publish an updated LHEES every 5 years. Image,

  • NHS Western Isles Advert: Board Member appointment

    NHS Western Isles is responsible for the protection and the improvement of its population's health and for the delivery of frontline healthcare services.  

  • Childminder Promotion

    Please see the  information poster  regarding childminder promotion in Uist, Barra, and Harris. Please complete a questionnaire via the link by 12th September.