Public Performance Reporting

Councils have a duty under the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 to report publicly their performance in delivering their services.  These range from detailed Corporate Performance reports which are produced quarterly and at the end of each year, to more snapshot reports such as the Comhairle's Public Performance Calendars which are produced annually.  In addition, individual services provide performance information and statistics specific to their own service.

Further details about the Comhairle's Service Performance reporting can be viewed through the Comhairle's Performance Monitoring and Reporting page.

The Public Performance Report 2017-18 is the last annual PPR to report on the Corporate Strategy 2012-17 that was based around the Outer Hebrides Single Outcome Agreement's seven Local Outcomes. 

From 2018-19, the PPR is aligned to the Corporate Strategy 2017-21  and the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership's Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) 2017-27. 

The latest Comhairle Corporate Strategy from 2022 to 2027,  setting the strategic direction of the Comhairle for a council term can be read at the following, Corporate Strategy 2022-2027 

The End of Year Reports can be found within the Comhairle's Performance web pages here.

Additional Information

The LocalGovernment Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) pulls together performance information and customer satisfaction results for key service areas such as education, social work, housing and leisure. A National Report is produced each year and is published on the Comhairle's website, as they become available. The information for all 32 Scottish Councils, including Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, has also been pulled together on a new national website, and aims to help members of the public and others understand how well their council is performing across a range of council services. You can access this website by clicking on mylocalcouncil.