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  • Tue 7

    Video production for social media – DigitalBoost

    Discover why the use of video helps people find your brand or website and how this kind of content has become a powerful way to engage with your audience.

  • Wed 8

    Build an effective strategy to grow your business

    Without a strategic approach, how do you know where your business is heading? This webinar will help you learn how to develop a strategic plan - enabling growth and greater sustainability.

  • Thu 9

    Build a customer focused business

    This webinar will help you build an effective strategy to deliver great customer service. We will cover the key considerations when thinking about how your business interacts with its customers.

  • Thu 9

    Digital fundamentals for tourism businesses

    An introductory session to the fundamental elements of promoting and managing a Scottish tourism business online. A joint VisitScotland and DigitalBoost event.

  • Thu 9

    How to write and develop your business plan

    Just starting up or looking to update your business plan to get funding or take forward developments? Then this session is for you.

  • Tue 14

    Seven steps to profit

    Learn how to increase your business profits.

  • Tue 14

    Build your brand and promotional graphics

    Join us to explore what a brand is, the importance of building a strong brand for your business, and how to create promotional graphics on a limited budget and with little/no experience.

  • Tue 14

    The low-cost guide to marketing your business

    Join us to look at how you can market your business and increase customer engagement with a limited budget and/or little experience.

  • Sat 18

    How to start a business: The basics

    This session will provide you with the key information and tools to plan and start your own business.

  • Tue 21

    LinkedIn for business – DigitalBoost

    Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We'll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.

  • Wed 22

    Paid for advertising – DigitalBoost

    Ideal for those looking to introduce or improve the use of Paid Advertising to their Digital Marketing strategy.

  • Wed 22

    Email marketing for business – DigitalBoost

    Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with and nurture your audience. This webinar will help anyone currently using email marketing to boost the success of their email campaigns.

  • Thu 23

    Planning & scheduling your online content - DigitalBoost

    Increase your chances of online success by better understanding how to plan and curate good content, schedule it using a social media dashboard, and improve efficiency through simple automation.

  • Mon 27

    Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Workshop

    The Sports Council is always looking at ways to help clubs develop, so we are delighted to offer a  Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Workshop on  Monday 27 February 2023.

  • Tue 28

    Email marketing

    Discover how the power of email marketing can help boost your business.