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  • Wed 7

    Learning Zone –Successfully starting a business

    A 15 minute overview of the topic and then the rest is left for a Q&A session. We'll look at what it takes to make your start up business a success.

  • Fri 9

    Build a customer focused business (2)

    This webinar will help you build an effective strategy to deliver great customer service. We will cover the key considerations when thinking about how your business interacts with its customers.

  • Wed 21

    Build your brand and promotional graphics (1)

    Join us to explore what a brand is, the importance of building a strong brand for your business, and how to create promotional graphics on a limited budget and with little/no experience.

  • Thu 29

    Build an effective strategy to grow your business (1)

    Without a strategic approach, how do you know where your business is heading? This webinar will help you learn how to develop a strategic plan - enabling growth and greater sustainability.