• Budget Consultation Responses

    Please see the link for the 2016-18 Budget Consultation Responses.

  • Scottish Athletics Coaching Course in Stornoway

    Scottish Athletics are running a coaching assistant course in Stornoway on the 15th and 16th April in the Lewis Sports Centre. Scottish Athletics have set the closing date for the course. Image © Scottish Athletics. 

  • Western Isles Fuel Prices

    Western Isles Fuel Prices as of Thursday 4th February 2016. Image © hollywoodbollywood.

  • Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership - Resettlement of Syrian Families

    The Western Isles Syrian Family Refugee Resettlement Working Group has been working over recent months, with good engagement from all partners, in preparation for the arrival of Syrian families in the islands.

  • The Outer Hebrides Welcome Refugees

    Should you wish to donate time, skills, goods or other practical help to refugees arriving in the Outer Hebrides, please let us know by filling out the form available via the link provided below. Image © Scottish Government.