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  • Mon 3

    Cloud essentials for business – DigitalBoost (1)

    Digital cloud-based tools can help you with every part of your business. By optimising your digital processes, you'll have a more secure, efficient and productive business.

  • Thu 6

    Making digital content accessible – DigitalBoost (1)

    Understanding the needs of all when producing digital content helps you to market your business inclusively. This webinar will highlight the challenges and help you to make your content accessible.

  • Sat 8

    5k Fun Run

    'Please come along to WISCKs 5K Fun Run (or walk) on Sat 8th April 2023 - you can enter online here.


  • Tue 11

    LinkedIn for business – DigitalBoost (1)

    Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We'll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.

  • Fri 21

    Email marketing for business – DigitalBoost (1)

    Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with and nurture your audience. This webinar will help anyone currently using email marketing to boost the success of their email campaigns.

  • Mon 24

    Planning & scheduling your online content - DigitalBoost (1)

    Increase your chances of online success by better understanding how to plan and curate good content, schedule it using a social media dashboard, and improve efficiency through simple automation.

  • Tue 25

    Sustainable Development Committee

    Sustainable Development Committee will meet on Tuesday 25 April 2023, at 14:00. Recorded audio of the meeting can be accessed  here.

  • Wed 26

    Blogging for business – DigitalBoost (1)

    Interested in starting a blog for your business but not sure how? Or already writing blogs but not seeing any return for your time? This webinar will help.

  • Wed 26

    Policy and Resources Committee

    Policy and Resources Committee will meet  at 2:00pm, on Wednesday 26 April 2023. Recorded audio of the meeting can be accessed  here.

  • Wed 26

    Audit and Scrutiny Committee

    Audit and Scrutiny Committee will meet on Thursday 26 April, at 3:30pm. Recorded audio of the meeting can be accessed  here.