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  • Tue 3

    Cloud for business - DigitalBoost

    Your back office and technology requirements need to be secure, scalable and cost-effective, supporting your business needs. This webinar will help you discover cloud services to achieve that.

  • Fri 6

    Creating value for your customers (1)

    Learn how to differentiate your business from competitors and stand out from the crowd by developing products or services your customers will love.

  • Sat 7

    Photo Transfer Workshop

    Please note that booking is essential for the Photo Transfer Workshop inspired by Scotland's Photograph Album Exhibition.

  • Wed 11

    Building your brand and promotional graphics (2)

    Join us to learn about the importance of building a strong brand for your business, and find out how to create promotional graphics on a limited budget and with little/no experience.

  • Tue 17

    Transportation and Infrastructure Committee 17 May

    Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will take place on 17 May 2022, at 15:00.  The meeting is open to the public and will be on the Comhairle's YouTube channel (link from

  • Wed 18

    Charity Auction

    Please see details below regarding the Charity Auction taking place tonight in the Caberfeidh Hotel, Stornoway.

  • Thu 19

    Generating ideas for your business

    Wanting to start up a business/go self-employed but don't have an idea to focus on? Here we'll look at idea generation, how to validate these ideas and how to decide which (if any) to pursue.

  • Fri 20

    Go green to grow your business

    Get key tips you can use now to adopt more sustainable practices into your business that aren't just good for the planet, but can also work wonders for your brand reputation and sales.

  • Sat 21

    Womens Cancer Challenge 5km

    Just a quick reminder about the Womens Cancer Challenge event which is taking place from UHI - Lews Castle College on Saturday 21st May at 12pm.

  • Tue 24

    LinkedIn for business – DigitalBoost

    Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We'll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.