• Early Morning Fitness Classes

    After a trial period for Secondary Pupils Early Morning Fitness Classes, we have now amended these to include an Early Morning Fitness Class for adults!

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  • Disabled Persons Parking Places Order 2018

    The reasons for implementing this Order are to provide and promote the proper use of Disabled Persons' Parking Places in accordance with the Disabled Persons' Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009.

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  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) - Orders in Place

    If you have any difficulty accessing the content linked to below, please contact Customer Services on 01851 600 502.

  • Sports Council Sports Quiz 2018 - reminder still time to enter a team(s)

    Teams must register by completing the attached booking form which provides more information, and returning it to the Lewis Sports Centre with the correct fee.

    Please come along and support the Local Sports Council; we look forward to receiving your clubs entry form.

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  • Letter Regarding Renewables

    Over the past period there has been some media comment and speculation about the future direction of renewables in the Outer Hebrides. Much of this comment has had little regard to the factual position in which the Outer Hebrides finds itself.

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