Arabic to be taught to Syrian refugee children in Scotland

Scotland's online school is to teach Arabic to the children of Syrian refugees.

E-Sgoil is now being expanded to teach a range of subjects to pupils all over Scotland after initially being created in response to teacher recruitment problems in the Western Isles.

And Angus MacLennan, head teacher of e-Sgoil, said there were now plans to recruit a teacher to offer Arabic lessons.

The move is in response to an anticipated demand from pupils.

Mr MacLennan said: "We have got lots of Syrian refugees in the islands and they are also taught across Scotland.

"These people are learning English, but there will be a time when the children are able to develop their Arabic.

"This will enable them to communicate with their grandparents in years to come.

"It's at an early stage, but it is being planned at the moment."

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