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  • Thu 2

    Facebook for business – DigitalBoost

    Discover the opportunities that Facebook may open up and the things to consider when deciding whether it's the best platform for your business.

  • Tue 7

    Enhance your business with digital – DigitalBoost

    If you are new to all things digital, or need help getting started with it, this webinar will help you make that step with practical advice and knowledge sharing.

  • Wed 15

    Setting Up a Great Facebook Group

    Discover how to establish a Facebook group that will work for your business and how to reach your target audience

  • Tue 21

    On my planet

    An exploration of the joys of implementing what should be a simple plan in a multifaceted and multi-employer organisation. Image, UHI


  • Thu 23

    Comataidh Buileachaidh Plana Canan

    There will be a Meeting of the Committee in the principal Council Offices, Stornoway, on Thursday 23 September 2021 at 2.00pm.  

  • Mon 27

    LinkedIn for business – DigitalBoost

    Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We'll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.

  • Wed 29

    Instagram - Three Different Tools

    Understand the power of Instagram tools and what they can do for your business.

  • Thu 30

    Creating value for your customers

    Learn how to differentiate your business from competitors and stand out from the crowd by developing products or services your customers will love.